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Leeds Bradford International Airport is situated to the north of Leeds city centre. Use this page to plan your journey to and from Leeds Bradford International Airport or to plan trips in the area.

Using the Leeds Map ...

If you are looking for a map of Leeds Bradford International Airport then please use our fully interactive map shown below. You can use the map in a variety of modes including Map, Satellite and a mixture of Satellite and Map mode (Hybrid).

Use the slider control to zoom the map in and out and the arrow keys to move the map left, right, up & down.


Leeds Bradford International Airport Interactive Map ...

The map below is centred on Leeds Bradford International Airport - if you get lost simply refresh this page and the map will re-centre itself onto Leeds Bradford International Airport.

Driving distances to Leeds Bradford International Airport ...

Below is a table showing approximately how far it is to Leeds Bradford International Airport when travelling by road from each of the departure points listed.

NB: All distances are in miles
  Driving Distances
  Liverpool 9  
  Manchester 33  
Chester 25
Leeds 73
Birmingham 97
London 211
St Helens 14
Wigan 23
Sheffield 77
Stoke on Trent 52

Information for Drivers ...

Road Considerations
Leeds Bradford International Airport is located just north of Leeds itself

Before travelling by car or motorbike to Leeds Bradford International Airport, it is worthwhile checking for any travel and road work updates or potential disruptions that could affect your journey.

For information on current and planned road projects to help you plan your journey to the Airport, visit the following up to the minute news website:

If necessary, the online AA Route Planner will help you to find alternative routes avoiding the motorways.
Drop Off & Pick Up
Its is a security regulation that private cars may not stop anywhere on the airport or terminal roads or forecourts except where setting down or picking up passengers

Any vehicle that is left unattended is highly likely to be towed away by airport authorities and/or the Police. Towing charges, retrieval fees and storage fees will apply if your car is removed.

If you know you are going to be in the Terminal and away from your car even for two or three minutes then use the car parks provided.
Short & Long Term Parking
A short term car park is available a few metres from the airport terminal and is ideal for seeing someone off or meeting friends and family.

For more unofficial information on parking at Leeds Bradford International Airport please visit the page on airport parking.

If you are driving yourself to Leeds Bradford International Airport before your flight then why not consider the use of a meet & greet service.

Online Route Planners ...

There are many online route planners available on the internet - these can help you plan your route to Leeds Bradford International Airport effectively.
  Online Route Planners
  AA Route Planner Click Here  
  Expedia Click Here  
MapQuest Click Here
StreetMap Click Here
Google Maps Click Here
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